Who we are

We are Red Branch! At this point, we are still somewhat of a fledging group. We work with many other celtic groups that have members across the country. Our own members are primarily situated in DC, Maryland, VA, TN.  Please also check out our website!

While we eventually hope to attend living history events, we are not there yet (yet!). Red Branch, as well as the other groups we work with, frequently have their own private events, but also regularly attend SCA events as part of a conglomerate group, known in the SCA as "Bog Troopers" or the "United Celtic Front". One of the main reasons we attend SCA events regularly is because of the fighting. The SCA is the one place we can reenact historic fighting in a safe manner with a large number of fighters.

Our group, Craobh Dearg (The Red Branch) is pretty much dedicated to the time period of the Ulster Cycle in Ireland, and the adventures of Cuchulain and contemporaries. However, we do accept other early-period interested folks, as we are interested in weaving a clanne story that stretches from BC-AD and defines how our clanne evolved.

If you are interested in strict living history, we are not the group for you. While we do strive for authenticity and educate ourselves on ancient crafts, we also like to relax and have fun. If you are interested in early period, can live in a group with a wide range of interests, and want to learn WHILE having fun, we are for you. Also, if the idea of storing your meat in a pit over the weekend somewhat nauseates you, and you'd rather use a cooler while doing EVERYTHING ELSE period, we might appeal to you.

Please fill out the interest form, and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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