Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Red Branch Gulf Wars

This Gulf Wars marked our first event at which we had our own Red Branch Camp. Getting there was quite a challenge, given that my truck blew a head gasket only 2 hours from DC. We all 4 loaded our stuff into another truck, and were on our way the next day.

Thanks to the generosity of our sister clanne, Crawhere, who gave a generous portion of their land to us. Here are some pics:

We also fielded 2 fighters and 2 waterbearers. We fought town battle and ravine battle. Here's a pic:

The day of the field battle heraleded rain, and was also St. Paddy's Day- we had planned to go to New Orleans for a day trip. However, given that heavy storms were predicted, we chose not to do our daytrip, and instead spent the day trying to "batten down the hatches".

Turns out, no amount of "battening" prepares you for an F1 when you're in a tent. Here's what it looked like:

Friday found all battles canceled and the four of us working to pick up the pieces. We got most things dried outand pre-packed before more rain came, then we headed up to the long hall. There, we spent the evening in song, and serving tasty meats and more to all who came to the long hall that evening. 

We packed up and headed out Saturday morning, stopping for a quick good-bye meal with some of the Crawhere folk at Cracker Barrel before truly hitting the road.